Month of death and rebirth


Long time, no see lovelies!

Life has a funny way of rewinding and fast forwarding. So many changes! Lately I have come to the conclusion that I need to start writing again, and dive deeper into my practice. I am now running a metaphysical shop in Florida for a small business, whom is quickly growing as I type. Talk about changes!

So let’s dive into the wonderful, witchy month of October! I will say September was full of work and no play. Time to spice things up with this fresh start of a new month! A major theme that has been on repeat the past two weeks has been death and rebirth. The first few days of October may feel like a stand still, (thanks to Pluto) But you will quickly notice the pace speed up as the month moves in head first.

I will be using two of my favorite decks.
Shadowscapes Tarot, and Mystical Shaman Oracle.

General Energy Of October


Four of Swords, Eight of Pentacles, (63) Wind

As we start October, we may be at a breaking point of just needing some rest! September was full of intense emotions that we did not expect to come up. With very extreme highs and very extreme lows, this nice pause at the beginning of this month can come as a relief to most. I can feel some intense changes coming. Keep in mind that good and bad comes with change, so try to go with the flow of things. The more resistant you are, the more challenging it can be for you. Live and enjoy every moment of this month, because it could be gone in a flash! Take notes of the good, bad, and inspiration that is pouring forth, it is bound to be beneficial for you in the coming months.


Three of Cups, Ace of Swords, (10) The Corn

October brings in love of various shapes and sizes. From friends, to lovers, to spiritual, and even in business. The love is swirling in the air! We are ready to celebrate how far we have come. The love we have given out will be returned threefold! Celebrate your loved ones, and the breath you take in! If you are one who has a few issues relating to trust, it is time to open up a little.

You cannot progress a relationship if you close everyone out. Admit the truth to not only yourself, but to the ones that mean the most to you. They deserve the communication. All in all, October will be a great month to get things off your chest that may have been bubbling up inside of you the past few weeks. Expressing yourself is a great part of our happiness.

Work/ Finances

Wheel of Fortune, Four of Wands, (35) The Medicine Wheel

Work life isn’t always easy, and sometimes it just doesn’t seem rewarding at times. It being harvest season, we get just that when it comes to our financials, and work life. We are releasing what no longer serves us. This may mean that a job you thought you loved, isn’t serving your greater good anymore. Keep in mind that, that’s okay! We learned our lessons where we are now, and it is time to move forward.

Have you been over working yourself? Well now is a time to take a break and bring balance into your life. You are allowed to say no! You are allowed to move on to bigger and better things! Take time for healing, take time for your dreams, and most importantly… TAKE THE TIME FOR YOU! You worked so hard to get here, now it’s time to fly!


Page of Pentacles, Ace of Cups, (62) Wild Woman

I want to share that when I first started this post, I was going to do each individual zodiac sign but had changed my mind…Well the first card I picked when beginning this morning was The Wild Woman ;P Gotta love when spirit speaks loud and clear, am I right!?

The page brings us an important message, especially when she shows up with an Ace. New beginnings are around the corner, and she wants to prepare us for what is to come. No more procrastinating. No more excuses. No more unrealistic visions. It is time to put your wheels in motion, and aim high. You can achieve anything with the right balance of action, though, and risks.

We deepen our connection with spirit this month. Especially with the veil to the other side being at it’s thinnest. We are reminded that we need to embrace our freedom. That we ourselves our universal, and can achieve the greatest of things! Spread your wings, love bug! Great things are awaiting your beautiful soul! Shed your false self. And welcome YOU!

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