Conquering The Void

“You can plan a pretty picnic
But you can’t predict the weather.”
-OutKast – Mrs. Jackson



WTF is going on?
All amped and ready to go, but not really. The tide must shift first.

Sun in Aries = Speedy. Everything else? Slooow.

A change in perspective is coming in strong. And this cannot happen over night, when our current perspective took years to build. So woosah, lovey’s, woosah! Be patient, while we get this s**t moving!

Retrogrades; Think of it as a quiz before the big test.
Retrogrades are a time for us to slow down and really take a look at where we are in life. They can become quiet chaotic since they tend to make us feel as if we also, are moving backwards. This isn’t a bad thing whatsoever, though! Remember, a frame of mind can cause more chaos than planets retrograding ;)! Just like the planets, we are not really going backwards, we just, well, appear to be! This helps us tie up lose ends, and assure that we are still heading in the direction we wish to go. They give us the final ‘let go’ push needed in order to move forward and accept the change coming forth.

Jupiter; Luck & Growth– Feb 6 – June 9
Venus; Love – March 4 – April 15
Saturn; Discipline & Challenge– April 5 – Aug 25
Mercury; Communication & Mind– April 9 – May 3
Pluto; Power & Transformation– April 20 – Sept 28

So what does it all mean?

This month is all about testing what we have learned, and grown into. Clearly, I’m a littleIMG_20170408_101628_591late writing this reading for the month of April. I began the reading the day before April, I had everything all down pat. But of course, with our lovely testing energies this month, I stopped in my track after of few days of writing.


Well, I was trying to force something out, that just wasn’t me. I was worrying about writing the wrong thing, or worried about not speaking in a manner that wasn’t open to the reader. So after racking my brain after several days, yeah, I gave up.

But.. not completely. I pondered…

Take a look around you. Take notice of your emotions, your fears, your laughter, thoughts, the energy you give/receive. And if you notice something in there, that you do not like, well. Do something about it! Let it go, get rid of it. It is time to move on, and accept the new. Yes, there is a lot of transformation taking place, which means change, but that doesn’t mean it has to be bad, or feared.

Along with this transformation taking place, comes luck, love, and growth by your side. So accept the Universe’s offerings, and do what you love! Speak your truth! Dance it! Live it! Play it! Pass your knowledge to the next and don’t stop!



We entered this month with a stirring sense of growth and love. Thanks to Jupiter and Venus, we were asked to dive into our relationship with ourselves, and others to get an idea of what change we are chasing after. You’re imagination can take you a long way during this time, or it can get the best of you. We are asked to make the best out of every situation that lands our turf.

These intense, swishy energies has a lot of us feeling battered, beaten, overwhelmed, and exhausted. This month is a giant roller-coaster ride, that is for sure. Keep in mind that a lot of the obstacles occurring are related to this right here!.. The mind. (I thank Mercury at this point ;P) Try not to take things so seriously! Don’t over analyse situations! It only makes them more complicated than they seem.

Resized_20170407_120416As we will be searching around in our past, Saturn reminds us that we are here to burn down blockages, not to dwell. Dwelling will only trap you there. Self-discipline is needed as the mind is going through this review of past pains or hurdles. Keep the positive mind frame that Jupiter and Venus brought forth! For the real test has yet to begin, and having a negative outlook will create a bumpier ride

As we enter the mid-beginning of April, Mercury shakes our brain to the core, throwing petty complications our way. Mercury retrogrades work wonders if you do not resist the flow. If you allow her to do her job, she will take you souring to all new heights. Remember, these are not complications that should knock you off your horse..
Unless you allow it to.

She is only trying to get us to look at a bigger picture, and tie up the discombobulation in our life. In the heat of the moment it can all be confusing, but her light will shine forth with purification and healing. This is not an “Act now, think later.” kind of month. Really assess any leaps you are taking this month, but don’t let her hold you back.

Stand up for yourself, or even to yourself! Follow your beliefs! Live them and preach them! You are asked to call upon your inner strength and determination to get through these challenges that reside within the mind. This is the test; to hold the contentment that we have accomplished. Hold this power that you have attained over the egotistic mind.

We are only human. We make mistakes. We carry burdens. And we become out of balance and frazzled;; again be warned of dwelling on the past;

We are reminded to keep our ‘heart’ on the prize! Through this bumpy ride, we are asked to keep our heart focused on being our true self. To show love and compassion to our-self and others. Allow these energies to heal the cracks that remain in your heart, and open Resized_20170408_114200you up to the warmth and comforting love of the Universe. Put your rough surface to rest and allow your heart to speak.

Male energy seems to be dominate in such an emotional month. Spend a little time reconnecting to your feme! A balance is required between these two energies. (male energy is your builder, female, your creator.)

Show care to your body and allow these energies to flow through your veins to cleanse the burdens that you may be carrying. Spend some time near the water to let go and unwind. I live in Florida, so this time of year is perfect for this! And if you do not live near the water, well, get creative!

Clean up your surroundings, and any clutter that may affect your energy. Keep yourself grounded and protected, so that you don’t blow away in the spring winds! Go for a walk, jog, get a massage, or even dress up a little! Let yourself live and enjoy every second of it!

Pluto brings forth powerful transformation to wrap all of the chaos up. In the beginning it will be hard to see if the efforts being made are worth it. Pluto is reminding us that; Indeed it is! My soul is lit up and ready to rise! The growth and sense of security swirling in the air lets our soul run wild! Don’t try to keep it in! Keep an eye on the fiery force laying inside your soul, for this flame can cause a wild fire if not tamed.

We are not to focus on materialistic rewards this month. But instead, our spirituality and our heart. The garden you have created will take care of your essential needs. So don’t stress yourself over something that has not come to pass yet.

Let go of negative outlooks. Your thoughts become your reality. One shall not fear to live up to their beliefs, or desires. Be free, BE YOU! Do not fear the unknown, unexplained, your emotions, or purpose. Instead, embrace these aspects of yourself, that make you, YOU! Better yet, put them to action. Know you are strong, and never alone.
Release your soul!

Love, light, and peace,



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