Spark your heart💫


Resized_20170326_202135Happy new moon, beautiful’s!

As Aries rams through the door, you can bet all of us are getting a little impatient here as the burning sensation of desire calls. Watching all of the growth that spring brings forth, a sense of growth is stirring from within. I feel like a ticking time-bomb ready to explode at any second! I know so many great things are ready, but we are asked to pause, and smell the roses!

Patience, sapience-.-‘, I know.

Let’s get this S*** moving, am I right!?

A necessary evil, of course. So many fresh ideas, and growth in the air, with all this fiery action, we just want to gogogo! And while we are all ready to jump the gun, and get this show on the road, some patience is needed through this process. We are given a calm and fresh slate so that we can process transitions within ourselves. There is a chance for new beginnings to come along with Aries, of course. But this new moon is mostly bringing forth a change in perspective, more so. Like a solution to a reoccurring issue, or rekindled flame(relationship or passion).

Even though the ram is bringing in forceful energy to push us forward, I have been receiving messages about taking time for observation. Every morning me and my husband take our little man to the park. It has a trail, and has a small pond in the back. On our walk through the trail my son was eating breakfast, and we will walk the trail multiple times before he is done. Well, towards the front of the park, a duck has been sitting there the past two mornings, just watching the cars go by.

My first thought was; “Don’t be a sitting duck!”Resized_20170326_153653

Later on, i meditated on what message the duck had for me. During my meditation an oracle card had fallen off my desk(thanks to my fan). We are asked to take this transition slow and steady, but be prepared to action when need be.


There is no need to rush through the days of life, lovely! My wonderful duck buddy is asking us to cherish every moment while it is present, or it will nearly pass us by along with the opportunities life brings. Take time to calm your breath and take in everything around you. You do not have to stop in the middle of what you are doing, we are simply asked to take notice of our emotions, thoughts, sounds, energy, smells, even the tastes. Hey, talk to yourself if need be! (And even reply if you want!) It will assist in gathering scattered energies, and help stabilize your mind through this transition.

When we learn to finally let go of the past, it can be easy to then get caught up in the future. I, myself am very guilty of this! Take life as it comes, no need to excessively worry about what to do next, or how to get there. We are asked to LIVE. Not watch cars go by 😉 (no offense Mr. Duck)

We are asked to take a step back this new moon and assess our energies and our growth. Things are kicking off to a slow start, so that we can make room for new growth. If you have certain or specific negative emotions dancing around more so than others, ask your self why? Accept whatever answers pour forth during this new moon.Free yourself from the endless limitations that have been buzzing around, nonchalantly.

So lets relax a little this new moon! Pull yourself back into the now, and live in the contentment you have created. And as it washes throughout your body, allow it to shine outward as bright as possible! Share your joy and love! Make yourself and others laugh, share a smile, have a picnic! Just enjoy your time here, for we are here to heal! You are protected in so many beautiful, unbelievable ways! So allow Aries to push you past any blockages, holding you back. Be fearless! Be powerful and confident! And do what makes you happy!

Allow the fiery energy from Aries to shine light on our passions. Know what you want! The puzzle lays all around and within you. Deep down, even if we can’t put it into words, we know exactly what it is that lights our soul on fire. And Aries will push us through the steps necessary to get there. I know a a lot of us have more than one passion. Shoot, some of us have 50! And if you cant seem to lay your finger on it quite yet, don’t stress! Do the opposite!

Go back to the days when you were a young bug. Go get dirty, go swimming, play music, instruments, fly a kite, dive into clay, crayons, anything. Get creatively active! Find a way to tie these passions together, and when the time comes to take action, you wont only know, but you feel it. And when you do, pull out your inner ram and make a run for the most appealing door! The ram does not hesitate when forced to act. Do not fear if the door will open, or fear what is on the other side. Just know, that if you want something so bad that you can feel, and taste it, you will go for it at all costs.

The ram is here to get things going! Finally!

But here is the catch…

There will be big up and down time present this month. We will be pushed to the end of our comfort zone, and if we hesitate, we can be thrown off track. When things get slow, do not allow yourself to fall back into habitual thinking. And when things get quick and testy, don’t be afraid to leap. We are asked to maintain a balance between responsibility and passion. Even though things seem to be progressing slowly, this change is happening quicker than you think. It takes effort, for recognition to shine. Unfortunately eggs don’t hatch over night. Make sure you are consistent throughout your practice, and follow through with your plans.


We all hear this call for action.
You don’t have to wait for one.
Engulf yourself into the pit of this flame, that Aries pulls forth.
Stop waiting and looking.
And start acting. No matter how small the step, or how big the leap.
Allow your intuition and heart to guide you on these new ventures, and allow sparks to fly!

What I ask of you lovely souls this new moon, is to find what sparks your heart, and rekindle that fire that is dying to burst. Feed the desires that are itching inside and lead others to do the same. Follow what you love and you will not be disappointed. 💞💫

There’s a new light at the end of the tunnel, are you going to sit around and watch the cars go by, or are you going to charge forth? We all have a place in this universe, with so many natural talents and abilities. Allow this new moon to ignite aspirations.🔥

~With love and light,

3 thoughts on “Spark your heart💫

  1. <3… duck taught me to let water roll off back and continue on. We have much in common. ❤ of music and signs. I was also reminded by Spirit today to to be neutral/at ease/no pressure/stress since change continues to happen. The balance of doing and allowing Spirit to assist. 🙂 Pretty tarot deck, too.

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