Spring, Full Sail!

“Just let your love flow like a mountain stream
And let your love grow with the smallest of dreams
And let your love show and you’ll know what I mean
It’s the season.”
– Bellamy Brothers (let your love flow)

What a wonderful feeling to be putting the still winter behind us! Even if the chill stays, at least the swirling winds from Spring will push the upheaval of emotions from winter to rest, so that we can put our creative desires, and inner learnings to action. Winter is a time of hibernation even in the human nature. Living in such a fast pace society, we tend to push our problems aside and save them for later. Along with the snow and cold nights, we were asked to fumble through our blockages and take time to recuperate.

During the cold months of winter, we were pushed to heal the burdens that are buried within our soul, so that we can accept new opportunities into our life. Once the doors open, and you begin to notice all the baggage you carry around, (negative self talk, expectations of self, false identities, ext.) you begin to take notice of who you really are, and what you desire most in life.

Over this past month we were greeted with Pisces, and Virgo energies. A lot of questions considering where we are on our journey took place to assist in balancing our heart and mind. Preparing us for what opportunities spring has to offer.

We learned a lot this winter through the soul searching energy the universe has brought us, from self love and acceptance, to balance and chasing our dreams. We have learned that you can never dream too big because anything is possible. All it takes is acceptance, motivation, commitment, and to surrender our control over life. You can go with the flow, or you can resist the urges and the knowledge. Resisting will only lead to circles.

The Page of Wands warns not to sit back and allow your flame to sizzle. Step into your power, and allow your flame to shine! Think of Winter like the preparation before the big show. Spring, unlike Winter, is a time of quick and swift beginnings. While winter can seem like a drag and burn outs seem to be more frequent, Spring on the other hand puts your growth into action. I know personally, I am super stoked to get moving along and sorting through the fresh new ideas to come!

While in winter we struggled to keep balance in our life, this spring we are asked to maintain the balance we have created between our heart and mind and the light and dark. Harmonic energies are pouring forth and guiding us to our creative passions, allowing us to soar far beyond so called limitations.

Major changes charge forth with the Page of Wands asking us to channel our inner strength, and abilities. She is her to assist us in pushing past the insecurities and fears that hold you back from living up to your full potential. For the longest time I had felt like i wasn’t good enough to follow my passions and dreams. I would allow my ego to tear me down and tell me i didn’t have the knowledge, or skill. I thought that too many other people had the same dream as me, so i thought it was ridiculous that i would ever dream that big. But I was wrong.

So here is what I suggest;

Take a look at the bigger picture. Add all that you have learned from winter and put the pieces together. Put a focus point on it, and just go for it. Action is required. I’m not saying that you have to have it all together, no not at all. Shoot.. I don’t even know which way is up or down anymore. All I’m saying is that any step towards your dreams, is progress. Wheither it is a positive thought in a negative nancy, or if its sitting in the middle of your bed rambling on a blog post.

Whatever floats your boat!!
Be sure not to be too much of a perfectionist, as a Leo I understand that this is hard for some, but what happens, and what the outcome of our creative adventures are, it will lead us to where we are meant to be. Remember to think before acting out on emotions, or this ride will be bumpier than it needs to be.

The lovely Empress has greeted us with more harmony, and achievement.

From the Linestrider book: “Your ability to help others depends on you guarding your own strength and resources.”

Oh my, how that hit home for me! A lot of synchronous energy has been present in my life lately. And I have this desire to share my abilities, and assist people. But i seem to be guarding myself, from, well myself. The Empress asks to open yourself up to yourself, and to others. To embrace your journey, and who you are. Don’t be alarmed if you are still just as scatter brained as I am. Believe me. A lot of unanswered questions will bloom this spring. Along with you, and your dreams. The Empress is a card of fruition. Wherever you are sailing your boat this time of year, know that it will be well worth every thought, every penny, and every moment of your time spent.

This spring, we are asked to come together and continue building and working towards community. To share your love, knowledge, light, thoughts, comments, concern, everything. To be kind to one another, and accept all for what is, and to provide feedback for one another along the way. We are asked to enjoy this ride, and reap returns for the amazing work we are all about to dive into.

Fall into the hands of the universe this spring, and watch everything, including yourself, blossom like no tomorrow! Embrace the change coming, and leave a spark of light trailing along the way!

     With love and light,

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